Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Pair Of Trainers

Walking through town today, I came across these skate shoes left deserted on a wall. I did not move them, just felt they HAD to be photographed.
It is a mystery as to why someone just left them.

An Element Of Romance

There is something romantic about these two roof shots. Possibly it is the sunset, but combined with the twee objects, it just works.

Collage On The Roof

Take one roof, & lots of BIG collage fragments. Cue really cool surreal shots.
The collage & photography idea needs work, but the basis of a really good idea is here.

See more of these photos on Flickr.

Capture the Moment

Friday 12th June. Kill The Rhythm. Nation Of Shopkeepers. Leeds.
Random acts of photography. Accidental shots that turn out really well. Perfect camera settings as well.
There is an air of mystery about the person in the photographs. No face.

More photos from Kill The Rhythm 12/06 on the Facebook group. Check them out.

Degree Show

'and we're all so liberal we're protesting to this invisible audience.'
This is my final show piece. Pretty Massive.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Collage @ Kill The Rhythm

My Design practice is based around collage. I LOVE photography. So I figured, why not combine the two.
Joint idea in progress with my friend Sophie. To make photographs more fun, I took a selection of photocopied objects to Nation Of Shopkeepers & asked people to pose with them however they wished.
Results are good, but now we plan to further develop the idea using more props and possibly more staged shots.
Watch This Space.

Kill The Rhythm Opening Night @ Nation Of Shopkeepers

Kill The Rhythm. A mew clubnight recently started at Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds. Every Friday. FREE ENTRY.
Resident DJs include Heads Up, Youth Attack!, Harry Benson & Ocelot.
These are a very small selection of the photos taken that night.

Kill The Rhythm Blog.

Facebook Group.


The house I currently live in has a flat roof. A sunny afternoon prompted me to take my friend onto it to photograph.
The results. A unique backdrop for some very beautiful images. I enjoy the surreal element that the perspectives of the chimneys & background landscape give.
Perfect sunlight. Perfect camera settings. I don't mean to boast.

More of these photos can be viewed on my Flickr account.

Vintage Shoes

Capturing the moment.
This Polaroid is one of my favourites. I enjoy the unpredictable nature of a Polaroid camera.
This photo? I think it has a certain element of romance about it. Lovely.


Documenting interesting people. I have always had a fascination with different subcultures or 'Cliques' within towns & cities. My degree work actually zoned in on this fascination.
These BMX photos are a selection from hundreds I have taken at the Hyde Park Skate & BMX Park. I have yet to build up the confidence to talk to the guys on it about their passions. It is my next aim!
I have a thing about composition. I like things to work together. The line of skate guys with their backs to my camera is a particular favourite.
These photos have also given me the chance to experiment with my Digital SLR, using manual setting & such.

More of these photos can be seen on my Flickr page.


I enjoy documentary photography. Capturing the moment & so on. Taking a camera to a party is a lot of fun. Accidental photos often turn out really well. Interesting people also make for interesting photos. I like interesting people.

Hidden Identity

I enjoy photos where the subject hides their face. My friend Rich does this often when I point the camera at him. It gives an element of mystery, & makes you look to & focus on other features about the person.

Holga Experiments

It was suggested during my degree that I purchase a Holga camera. It was a very good suggestion!
It takes a lot of practice to get it right, lighting etc are important, but the results are amazing. Only downside is the cost to develop as it is medium format.

This image is actually used on a website that advertises Manchester. [It was selected from my Flickr Account]


'and we're all so liberal we're protesting to this invisible audience.'

An image produced in relation to the Rich Rant mannequin images. This image was used in my degree show. I combined it with the text on the top left and it spanned a 2metre x almost 3metre wall!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Collage Experimentation

Part of degree work. Experimentation with collage fragments. Theme for these images was based slightly around Feminism. Women becoming part of the furniture.


A series of images produced for my Degree based around a paragraph written by my friend Rich.
I asked him for him opinion on fashion in Leeds today. Images consisted of bold text [Helvetica], with sections of mannequins & delicate collage fragments. The completed series contained 13 images with typography, and was eventually made into a book.

So I'm sat and I'm talking to this agitated American Apparel advert who's drank too much coffee and this nihilistic sweatband with carefully constructed haircut which rather lends itself to the Wilhelm Gustloff, who happens to be listening to Hyper Crush and A Tribe Called Quest and Burzum, and he sits down and we, we are the new anti-bourgeois.
And we're all so liberal we're protesting to this invisible audience. And we all so embody MaCinnes contemplative prose that we've become vapid Sartre-esque vacuums of gentrification.
Yet everyone's worried about their dissertation in queer theory or descartes, but all anyone can do is shrug and look apathetic, push their non-prescriptions a bit further up their nose and nurture their penchant for irony, whilst gathering around their collection of single speeds like carrion over a fucking corpse.
The beat generation is dead, embrace hypocrisy.


Degree work. Experimentation with bold statments & mannequins. Two from a series produced.


Promotional imagery for my friends DJ collective HAUS. Mainly used on Facebook & Myspace.

Facebook Group

[for more info]

Your Mum Likes Electro: FLYER

Flyer design for Your Mum Likes Electro, with special guest DJs HAUS.

Your Mum Likes Electro

An initial promo poster for clubnight Your Mum Likes Electro [with special guest DJs HAUS].