Monday, 28 December 2009


'If you have to have an explanation of the work to understand it then there is no point in the work existing.'

Sunday, 27 December 2009

control - an inspiration

Control - [directed by Anton Corbijn].
The story of Ian Curtis, singer of Joy Division. 

This film inspires me.

The beautiful cinematography. Each screen shot has careful thought put into it, so much so that to pause the film at any point would most certainly produce a strong photograph. I would love to see the film stills. Not many films are so artistically produced. Genius. 



Watch it. Its AMAZING.

Monday, 21 December 2009

A New Year Plan

 'A good photographer is the one that gives you confidence, that wants to have fun within the moment, doesn't stop you or give you boundaries.'
[Claudia Schiffer. i-D Magazine. The Flesh & Blood Issue. No 304.]

I want to start a style blog in the new year, but not your bog standard street style blog, with the same monogamous photos of people standing in the street. I want it to be an alternative, almost documentary style blog, with the emphasis not just on the subject matter but on the photo itself. In a way, you could say I want the blog to document what is happening NOW, with each picture summing up a particular moment in time, obviously the main subject focal point will be the 'fashionable' person so to speak, but the surroundings will also play a part in telling a story to the viewer. 
I see style as being not just about the clothes you wear. It is how you act, your peers, where you choose to hang out, the music you listen to, & you general interests. This is why I want the blog to be based around more natural shots, so you can truly appreciate the persons whole style, as opposed to picking them out of a crowd to stand against a wall. I find forced shots like this can make the subject look uncomfortable, & i want it to almost seem as though the photographer is not there, or is part of the image itself. I want the photographer and the subject to be on the same level, so there is no higher or lower position of authority.